About Us

 Construction Supply Ltd.


We are a supplier of construction accessories and various types of building materials

The following is a Sample of our products:

Concrete Curing Compounds                                                        Concrete Coring Bit                                                                              Chemical Sprayers

Non-Shrink Grouts                                                                                Diamond Blades                                                                                     Scaffolding

Concrete finishing tools                                                                    Crack Repair Products                                                                         Sawhorses

Fasteners / Anchors                                                                              Shot / Pins                                                                                                  Drill Bits–Wood /Concrete / Steel

Power Tools                                                                                               Anchoring Epoxies                                                                                 Void Forms     

Laser Levels                                                                                               Survey Rods / Tripods                                                                          Tape Measures

Recip., Jigsaw, Abrasive Blades                                                    Safety Supplies                                                                                            Masonry Tools

Grouts                                                                                                          Concrete Repair Mortars                                                                     Decorative Concrete Stamps

Concrete Stains / Sealers                                                                 Screws / Nuts / Nails                                                                               Scrapers / Knifes / Brushes

Hand Tools                                                                                                 Silicone / Caulking / Polyurethanes                                             Work-lights / Light Strings / Cords

Forming Ties /Accessories                                                               Ladders                                                                                                          Rakes / Shovels / Brooms

Wheelbarrows                                                                                         Expansion Foam                                                                                      Floor Protection Board

                                                                                         Access to all types of Construction Equipment and Machinery